Fence - Paling

Nothing can match the timeless beauty of a properly-constructed timber fence. When properly maintained, a timber fence can last for many years.

Timber fence features include;

  • Time tested fencing materials that are made by nature
  • Natural Durability And Strength
  • Unparalleled elegance and beauty
  • Warm and inviting look

The standard timber paling fence is a familiar sight in suburbs throughout Melbourne as it is most commonly used as a boundary dividing fence. The Paling fence is lapped and provides greater level of privacy.

Paling fences are available in Treated Pine, Ecowood or Hardwood.

  • Ecowood is safe, clean treated wood that has been thoroughly tested and approved in Australia and is guaranteed against decay and termites. Ecowood is treated with a copper base and does not contain arsenic. Ecowood can be recycled.
  • Treated Pine is light to work with and is pretreated against pest infection. Pine is cut from trees grown in plantations which helps saves our environment by not cutting down natural resources.
  • Hardwood is extremely durable.

Fence heights may vary with typical heights being 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 and 2400mm, however fences can always be custom built to match your needs.

Variations to add character and definition to your fence include lattice, woven panels, feature posts or capping.


Capping provides an attractive look and is an economical option to add character. The capping may also enhance the life expectancy of the fence by protecting the end grain of the palings


Lattice products can make an attractive screening fence allowing some view through while securing the area. Lattice panels can be used in combination with other materials such as brick and other timbers and can be shaped into arches or peaks to create effect. Lattice can be used to attractively raise the height of an existing fence and either be left in the natural state or used to hold vines. Different styles and different sizes of lattice are available to suit particular applications. Timbertop uses top rails and extended posts on all lattice work to add durability and character to the fence.

Feature Posts

Feature posts can be used as attractive element to add style and character to a fence.

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